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National Day of Spain 2017

A Reception highlighting the regional cuisines
of Madrid, Burgos and Extremadura.

Prepared by guest chefs José Pizarro (Extremadura), Javi Estévez (Madrid),
David Izquierdo and Ricardo Temiño (Burgos).

Full tasting menu accompanied by regional specialties and wines.

Tasting Menu


Extremadura Salad with Orange, Olives, Smoked Paprika and Olive Oil Pearls

Alcántara Style ‘Zorongollo’ Salad with salt Cod, Quail Egg and Crispy Garlic

Creamy Rice with Jamón Ibérico and Torta del Casar Cheese

Sweet Fritter with ‘Leche Frita’ Cream and Matalahuva Aniseed


Lamb Sweetbread Raviolis with Chilindrón Sauce, Sweet Potato and Curry Foam

Rio Arlanzon Crab Chili

Burgos Trout Tiradito, Tomato-coriander Vinagrette, Mole and Citric Roe

Burgos Lamb Burger, Apple Carpaccio and Burgos Blood Sausage Snack


Inverted Ham and Onion Croquette

Mini Spanish Potato Omelette with Salmon Roe and Crunchy Chip.

Cochinillo Ibérico (Ibérico Suckling Pig) by Fermin

Prawn and Vegetable Salpicón with Marinated Onion and Lime.

Regional Specialties


Ibérico Ham Montaraz

Ibores Cheese

Queso de la Serena

Torta del Casar Cheese

Figs Bonbons


Morcilla de Burgos Embutidos de Cardeña

Sasamón Cheese Peña Amaya

Semicured Sheep´s Cheese Vidal

Goat´s Cheese Páramo de Guzmán

Morcilla de Burgos Nachos, Embutidos de Cardeña


Boquerones en vinagre (Marinated Anchovies)

Queso Sierra de Miraflores, Peñagorda

Camporeal Cheese, Campo Real

Regional Wines


Huno White Bodega Pago de los Balancines

Huno Red Bodega Pago de los Balancines


Los Cantos de Torremilanos 2013 (Red) Bodega Finca de Torremilanos

Cillar de Silos 2014 (Red) Bodegas Cillar de Silos

Casajus (Red) Bodegas J.A. Calvo Casajús

Viñapedrosa (Red) Bodegas Viñapedrosa

Valdubón (Red) Bodegas Valdubón

Martín Verdugo (Red) Bodega y viñedos Martín Verdugo


Flaco Tempranillo (Red) Bodegas CVA