Facts about our guest region 2017: Extremadura

Find out 3 key facts about Extremadura´s gastronomy, culture and tourism before you head up to our Extremadura Pop- Up and tasting session.


The gastronomy of Extremadura is flavourful and varied, in which the Ibérico pig plays a major role, thanks to the quality of the processed meat products made in the region.


The following sites in Extremadura are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list: the Old Town of Cáceres, the Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida and the Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe, the origin of one of Spain’s most important gastronomic products, Pimentón de la Vera .


Extremadura is home to some of the most beautiful Roman ruins in Spain, such as the aqueduct and theatre in Mérida. Many of the cathedrals and monasteries built in Extremadura are closely linked to the colonisation of America, as this is the land of the great explorers such as Hernán Cortés o Francisco Pizarro.

This is just an excerpt of a detailed description of Extremadura found in Foods and Wines website.

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